Why Choose SM801

At Soccer Magnet 801, Our philosophy is to coach athletes to transition and develop with good attitude, Dignity, Integrity and Grace. #SM801 "ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING"  

We know that there is potential in everyone for greatness. While it's true that not everyone who takes up soccer will make it to the Olympics, it’s still an excellent way to keep fit to build your confidence, make lifetime friends, and learn to master new skills. We have the drive and deliver on safe, friendly and compelling soccer classes that are always reasonably priced.

US Certified Soccer Coach.

SMWW Certified Soccer Lawyer.

FIFA Certified Player Agent.

SM801 has great connections with coaches, Top Sports clubs, managers, and academies around the world.
Plus we will coach you up to any levwl you want. Our goal for 2020-2025 is to dedicate SM801 philosophy and experience to transform born lucky potential talents in the USA and WorldWide to superstars age 14-18. Would you like to be one?

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